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I consider myself a sonic problem solver. If your film needs that extra spice, I can provide you with the perfect score. If you are looking for great sound beds for twisty crime drama, I can provide a library of tension track.

I am also a teacher. I can teach you how to do what I do,  composing and producing great tracks, building a lucrative music licensing business and all the ins and outs of sound design, music theory, harmony, arranging and orchestration.

Listen to my samples below to see what I can do and if you want to receive 10 Music Licensing Tips and much more, sign up on the right.

I look forward to helping you solve your musical problems and teaching you about the music licensing business.

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Keith Kehrer (AKA Kamakaze Krush)

Samples of work by Keith Kehrer

Standalone  (Word, Rap, Fall)

  1. Action Sequence Keith Kehrer 1:59
  2. Dripping Cellar No Zap Keith Kehrer 3:38
  3. Dripping Cellar - long Keith Kehrer 3:38
  4. Dripping Cellar Keith Kehrer 3:38
  5. Mandala Theme Keith Kehrer 1:43
  6. Mangofied Keith Kehrer 2:45
  7. Opening Theme Keith Kehrer 1:22
  8. Stand Alone Selections Keith Kehrer 6:21
  9. Word, Rap Fall Keith Kehrer 2:37

Gettysburg: Darkest Days & Finest Hours

  1. Opening Theme Keith Kehrer 2:32
  2. Battle Cue 1 Keith Kehrer 1:51
  3. Battle Cue 2 Keith Kehrer 2:02
  4. Battle Cue 3 Keith Kehrer 1:38
  5. Battle Cue 4 Keith Kehrer 2:54
  6. Battle Cue 5 Keith Kehrer 1:32
  7. Credits Short Keith Kehrer 0:35
  8. Credits Variation Keith Kehrer 1:30
  9. Emotion Keith Kehrer 0:24

The Wishing Well

  1. Opening Keith Kehrer 1:01
  2. Pretty Polly Keith Kehrer 2:03
  3. White Poles Keith Kehrer 2:16
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